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According to a survey, one out of every four American investors believes Dogecoin is the currency of the future.


Dogecoin, a meme-based cryptocurrency, has had an incredible year, rising 19,723 percent against the US dollar in the last 12 months. Dogecoin’s price rises have sparked interest in the cryptocurrency, which has rapidly become a household brand. According to a new poll conducted by the website gamblerspick.com, one out of every four Americans believes “dogecoin is the future.”

A Dogecoin survey reveals that meme-coin has been gaining traction in the United States.

Gamblerspick.com published a survey of 1,001 Americans who are “familiar” with cryptocurrencies in mid-April. To present a list of questions, the survey team used the Amazon Mechanical Turk survey tool.

Men accounted for 59.3 percent of survey respondents, while women accounted for 40.7 percent. The respondents were Gen Zers (5.9%), millennials (60.8%), Gen Xers (22.6%), and baby boomers (22.6%), according to the Gamblerspick researchers (10.7 percent ).

According to a survey, one out of every four American investors believes Dogecoin is the currency of the future.

People are learning about dogecoin (DOGE) the most through social media, according to the survey results, with 33.7 percent claiming they learned about the coin through social media channels. DOGE was first brought to the attention of 21.7 percent of survey respondents by word of mouth and “friends and relatives.”

Dogecoin was listed by 45 percent of respondents, and 27.6% had invested in it. Another interesting fact is that 30% of the people polled say that dogecoin is the next bitcoin.

Not everybody who invested in dogecoin is happy with their decision, according to the survey.40% of those who bought dogecoin later regretted their decision. 48.8% regretted trading in “Reddit-hyped securities,” such as Wallstreetbets’ latest GME market speculation. Dogecoin is disliked by 15.2% of respondents, while 41.1 percent are undecided and 43.6 percent agree.

When it came to Elon Musk’s position in the dogecoin hype, the majority of respondents either liked what he had to tell about DOGE or were uninterested in his dogecoin opinions.

When it came to Musk’s Doge-related material, the survey found that “the majority of respondents either approved of or didn’t care.”

More than half of those that invested in Dogecoin did so in order to ‘get rich.’

Gamblerspick researchers noted at the end of the survey that approximately one out of every four Americans “believes dogecoin is the future.” DOGE is expected to hit $1 per unit this year, according to 23% of survey respondents. 46.4 percent of dogecoin investors did so “just for fun,” while 53.6 percent saw it as a “opportunity to get rich.”

In terms of the cryptocurrency economy as a whole, Gamblerspick survey respondents agree that the “financial industry” will be the most affected. “Retail,” “casino/gambling,” and “cannabis” are the industries that surround the banking market.

According to the Gamblerspick poll, “most people think it would be a benefit for Amazon to recognize Dogecoin as payment.” “Although other stores were considered, 41.1 percent of respondents said that they did not want any stores to embrace Dogecoin.”

Dogecoin (DOGE) was down over 4% in the previous day and down 25% in the previous week at the time of publication. Dogecoin is currently trading for $0.47 a coin, although it has increased by 590 percent in the last month.

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